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Tujuh Media – Kali ini soal pas kelas 3 semester 2 bisa Anda temukan pada artikel ini.

In the third grade, second semester, students typically encounter a range of subjects and topics in their studies. Here are some common subjects and concepts covered in this grade and semester:

Bahasa Indonesia:

  • Reading and writing skills in Bahasa Indonesia.
  • Understanding and producing different types of texts, including narrative, expository, and persuasive writing.
  • Vocabulary expansion and comprehension.
  • Grammar and sentence structure.
  • Spelling and punctuation.


  • Number sense and operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • Place value and number patterns.
  • Measurement and geometry: shapes, angles, and measurement units.
  • Data analysis and probability: collecting, organizing, and interpreting data; understanding basic concepts of probability.


  • Life science: learning about plants, animals, and their habitats; understanding the concept of life cycles.
  • Earth science: exploring different landforms, rock types, and the Earth’s atmosphere; understanding processes like erosion and weather.
  • Physical science: investigating matter and its properties, energy and its forms, and simple machines.

Social Studies:

  • History: learning about significant events and people from the past, both in local and global contexts.
  • Geography: studying the different countries and continents, their physical features, and cultural diversity.
  • Civics and citizenship: understanding the roles and responsibilities of citizens, the importance of rules and laws, and how decisions are made in a community.

Art and Craft:

  • Expressing creativity through various art forms, including drawing, painting, sculpture, and craft activities.
  • Developing fine motor skills and coordination.
  • Understanding basic art techniques and concepts like color theory, composition, and perspective.
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Physical Education:

  • Engaging in physical activities like games, sports, and exercises to promote physical fitness and overall health.
  • Developing motor skills and coordination.
  • Learning about the importance of physical activity and healthy lifestyle habits.

Moral Education:

  • Exploring values and ethical concepts such as honesty, respect, responsibility, and empathy.
  • Developing moral reasoning and decision-making skills.
  • Understanding the importance of making choices that align with moral values and principles.

Tujuh Media – Kali ini soal pas kelas 3 semester 2 dapat Anda temukan pada tulisan ini.

soal pas kelas 3 semester 2

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